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DialMyCalls sends all your text messages, phone calls and emails instantly and gives you a detailed report back.

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Emergency Text Alerts Made Easy

Engaging with your entire organization using DialMyCalls is as easy as 1-2-3!

Add Contacts

Create the list of phone numbers you will be sending your message(s) to. You can easily import information from any existing Excel or CSV file.

Create a Message

Record a phone message or type a text message to be sent out. You can also use previously created messages stored within your account.

Send & Analyze

You select the Caller ID display info and when to send your broadcast. We'll send it out and give you a detailed report after it's sent.

How Our Customers Are Using DialMyCalls

Emergency Hotline

Set up a local number to use as an emergency hotline - update it with the latest information, allowing people to call in for updates regarding local emergencies.

Emergency Texting

Easily send a text message alert to a group of people within seconds. Recipients can even respond back to your text message alerts with additional information.

Emergency Alerts By Phone

Setting up emergency alerts by phone has never been easier. Easily allow people to opt-in to receive your alerts right from your own web-based control panel.

Weather Alerts

Weather can change in an instant and having an emergency weather alert system in place is key. Keep your employees, family, and community informed.

Product Recalls

Help avoid injury, harm, and liability by notifying consumers and retailers of product recalls as fast as possible via phone call or text message alerts.

Neighborhood Crime Watch

Keeping neighbors informed of suspicious activity and people has never been easier. Send alerts to notify your community with a phone call or text message in seconds.

Powerful Features For Better Communication

Don't waste time making manual phone calls to your call tree. Let DialMyCalls automate them!

Live Support 7 Days a Week

Social Media Sharing If Needed

iPhone / Android App Available

Integrates Easily With Software

Send Calls, Text Messages & Emails

Sub-Account / Access Control

Contact Groups & Easy Sorting

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Emergency Notifications Made Easy.

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All religious organizations receive 10% off our call package prices.



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* per month, billed annually. 

No monthly commitments or contracts. 

Best value for people who call or text the same group of numbers each month.

No monthly commitments or contracts. 

Pay for what you use when you start. Simply buy credits and use them as needed.

All schools & religious organizations receive 10% off our listed prices.

"We are new subscribers to your system. Even in the few short days since we started, this system has been effective in emergency situations when time is critical. We are using the system for volunteer emergency organizations and our county dispatch office. Thanks for your support."


Simple, Affordable Emergency Notification System

Easily create messages, send broadcasts, and view reports from any computer, smartphone, or even toll-free number. 

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No credit card, no obligations, and no setup fee.

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